Käserebellen Cheese – all the way from the Alps, now with 20% discount!

We are proud to bring you the new Käserebellen cheeses from the valley of the “Großes Walsertal”, over the forest of the “Bregenzerwald” in Bavaria.

Käserebellen process the purest hay-milk into exclusive cheese specialities according to old, traditional recipes, but with the help of most modern cheese-making equipment and ideal conditions in the ripening cellars. Their priorities are set on the closest connection to the farmers,silage free feeding and good old well-tried rural traditions.

The cheeses we bring you in Deli Hub are:

Berg Rebell – Mountain Rebel – long matured mountain cheese. Idyllic alpine flair meets Mediterranean fruit: pineapple, passion fruit, honey and malt dominate the scent profile. This compact, creamy cheese breaks up easily on the palate. The aromas of malt, biscuit and dark chocolate become increasingly roasted.

Kaffee Rebell – Coffee Rebel – refined with ground coffee. This semi-hard cheese is made from daily fresh hay-milk and refined with ground coffee. Through this the cheese gets its taste like fresh coffee. The complex aromas of freshly ground coffee beans, sour cream and malt make curious. The roasted flavor and a slight touch of bitter chocolate form a dark aromatic taste on the palate.  The mild coffee aroma in the cheese dough is reminiscent of a creamy cappuccino foam.

Gletscher Rebell – Glacier Rebel – 15 months matured hard cheese. An intensive aroma of dried fruit, peanuts and passion fruit freshens up the fragrance of the Glacier Rebel. The taste is powerful and aromatic, followed from flavors of malt, dark chocolate and light caramel. Also an odor of matured citrus fruits, hazelnut and sweet cream is included. The crusty-firm texture of the cheese is loosened by crystalline inclusions.

You are welcome to come by and have a taste of these wonderful cheeses!